the community 

one child at a time.



* Drop Off

Breakfast is held from 7:00 am-8:30 am

All students must be in attendance by 8:55 am

We do not allow any outside food or toys, but you may bring his/her favorite pillow or stuffed animal

 *Forms

Enrollment forms are sent via email after registration and enrollment has been paid through preschool app.

If you need assistance printing forms, respond to the email that is sent to you with with enrollment forms attached.

All enrollment forms must be turned in the Friday before first day of school.

Please have all Enrollment forms filled out top to bottom in BLUE or BLACK ink.

If forms are not filled out correctly it will slow down your enrollment process, and you could possibly have to start over.

 *Nap Time

Please provide a small pillow and blanket for nap time (ages 18 months+)

You may purchase a mat from us for $20 or order your own .

If you order your own mat you must have it on your  child's first day.


Tuition payments are due every Friday before the week of care.

Payments are made through our brightwheel app.

You will not be able to make a payment if you have not been added in the system.

Invoices go out 1-2 days before payment due date.

Please Note: Paying with checking account there is a $0.60 processing fee.

If you complete payments with debit or credit card there will be a higher processing fee.

If your child has attended 1 day out of first week, weekly tuition is non refundable.

Registration and Enrollment are non refundable.


 See examples under tuition and uniforms

 *School Supplies

All school supplies must be turned in on the first day of class.

 School supply list is included in the enrollment packet.

If you have any questions or concerns email  [email protected]