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one child at a time.


We accept children starting as early as 6 weeks old

Infant Ready is designed to meet the needs of infants.

In addition to maximum movement, the young infant experiences visual and tactile stimulation. The environment promotes movement and independence.


  • Clean Classrooms 

        Clean bedding sheets weekly,  disinfecting the entire room toys and play areas,            and washing hands

  • Certified Teachers 

        Infant / Child and Adult CPR, and First Aid , FBI background check,

       Continuing training

  • Open space concept 

        Unlike typical school our classrooms feature open concepts for maximum 

        visibility and safety, bright atmosphere, as well as a clean environment

  • Monitoring for Choking Hazards 

        We ensure every item your child interacts with meets safety standards 

        to prevent choking

  • Regular Drills 

        Fire , School lock-down, Hurricane, and Tornado


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Social and Language Development

Emotional Support

Physical Development

Safety and Security 

First Place Kids uses school ready curriculum.

Jr. Pre K

Potty Training

It is such a joy seeing our students grow. Potty training is one of the very special beginning steps. If you are thinking about potty training your child we are here to help.


  1. “Starting at home”- Take your child to the restroom every 1-2 hours to get them equipped.
  2. “Buy pull-ups with open sides”- Pull ups with attachments on the sides are PARENTING BEST. This style allows easy access to take off and put on. Along with showing them how to “pull up and down” their training pants and clothing.
  3. “How to use the toilet”- What is the best way to go to the potty? For girls it can be very simple like explaining to sit down. When training boys they sometimes need a little more guidance.
  4. “Hand washing” – Hand washing is very important and a must after every bathroom usage.

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 Virtual Learning

Due to Covid-19 we are only accepting Virtual Learning

Start Date: September 8th, 2020

Drop off : 6:00 am - 8:00 am ONLY

We provide help for the following:

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Homework (Some)

Tutoring (Math and Reading)

Special Activities

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