Helping the community one child at a time.

First Place Kids Provides The Best Learning Experience For Our Students.

Let us help you! 

We care for our families. Having open communication from parent to teacher, teacher to staff, and child to staff is very important to us.

 First Place Kids aim to nurture children in a child-centered setting that fosters the growth of confident, caring and successful students.


Our CEO and family has over 30 + years in early childhood education. We are equipped in every aspect of the childcare industry.


First Place Kids is a family owned company that has two locations in Willowbrook and Cypress Texas. This allows us cater to more families and help the community one child at a time.


Our schools have provided students from under-served communities the opportunity to excel in their studies in a small classroom environment focused on providing the skills they need to succeed in life.


When hiring new staff members and teachers everyone has to go through a background screening. After the screening is complete with passing results only then a staff member would be hired to began our 6 weeks of training.​


​Why is it important to have high quality Pre-school?

A child's early experiences, whether at home, in childcare, or in other preschool setting​s are educational. The indicators of high quality care have been studied and are available in many formats. ​When care is consistent, emotionally supportive, and appropriate to the child's age, development, and temperament, there is a positive effect on children and families.


Neighborhood Centers is offered by the state of Texas to provide help for struggling families that may not be able to afford childcare.

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